Scrap Quilting!

Yes, it’s true. My mom has finally gotten me quilting. And now I know why I’ve never been bitten with the quilting bug. I don’t like it at all.

It started with Mom. She’s been valiantly trying to use up the scraps and loose ends in her stash. She’s been pumping out small quilt tops right and left. Some she’s made from unfinished class work. Some are from random strip sewing. Some she donates to charity groups. Some she gives away. In a fit of madness, I took a pieced top, lap quilt size, home to quilt for my sofa. I liked the look of it so much, mom made more squares for me to use as a tablecloth in my kitchen. What was I thinking? Sure I’ve done a bit of free motion embroidery and even “quilting” on very small items. Quilting a large piece is so heavy and awkward. I don’t like the way the quilt hangs up on the lip of the table and machine. It takes the “free” out of free motion.

I started with the table cloth because it was the smaller of the two and presumably easier to quilt. Wanting a thin cloth, I used an old flannel sheet in place of batting for the inner layer. Mom helped me to pin baste it all together. Then it was up to me to finish it. I set up my machine on a large table with my ironing board off to the left, front edge to support the weight of the quilt. I think it would be infinitely better to have a machine that is flush with the table surface. No luck there for me. But I did the best I could, and not counting the bad quilting, I love my tablecloth!

table clothIt is so bright and cheerful in my kitchen! See how pretty it is with Alison’s garden mural? Mom random pieced strips into 9″ squares for me. She incorporated some left over pieced scraps from past quilting projects making for a truly colorful table top. I took all the blocks home, placed them out and sewed them together.

quilted square detailI did the quilting following each row of squares. The mistake was trying to quilt a large pattern in each square. I made a large spiral in each one. The quilt was simply too heavy and stiff to move around in large circles. My stitching is jerky and wildly uneven. I’d say it’s all good practice, but I don’t plan to make many of these. I still have the lap quilt to do. And there’s also a big project that’s been awaiting my attention. I have a bed size quilt top that I’ve not wanted to tackle sitting in my sewing studio closet. If I get good enough, I’ll finish it this summer.

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5 Responses to Scrap Quilting!

  1. nita butler says:

    So pretty and cheerful. Love all the colors!

  2. Queeniepatch says:

    The table quilt is bright and beautiful, but I know how you must have struggled with the quilting. When the machine isn’t flush with the table or you lack a good support for the weight of the quilt it is very easy to get neck and shoulder ache. I hope you stopped and took a rest before that happened.

  3. Judi W says:

    Hard to free motion something that big! Much easier to just stitch in the ditch but not as fun. Love the colors though, very cheerful for sure!

  4. Marina says:

    Your walls are amazing! I want to do things like that in a house someday. 😀

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