Sampler Doll–Finished

After several months of stitching, I have filled all the space on the embroidered spirit doll I’ve been working on. All told, she has 19 different stitches on her body and face. She started out as a canvas for the weekly challenge stitches that I was trying out with Take a Stitch Tuesday. But along the way I added a couple of stitches that weren’t part of that challenge.  No matter.  I am please with how she turned out.

sampler dollShe is 13″ tall and 3″ wide. There is a hanging loop on the back as she is intended to hang on the wall. I do like her on the vivid green grass. It makes for a pretty contrast.

sampler doll close upHer face was so plain; it looked out of place when put on her body.  A little bit of feather stitch and detached chain in a variegated #20 tatting cotton helps to unify the composition.sampler doll close up 2When I look at her, I see a Mother Earth Figure. Not the usual kind that is green and growing with life on her surface. This Mother Earth exposes her core. Deep in the center of the earth, deep in her core with the molten lava and underground lakes, she teems with a different kind of life. A life that holds immense energy and nurturing care. This was not my intention when I began. I had no idea what was going to appear. I was merely making a sampler. Isn’t it funny how these things come into being?

What do you see?

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3 Responses to Sampler Doll–Finished

  1. Jeannette says:

    She looks fabulous and so colourful and wonderfully designed and stitched!

  2. Queeniepatch says:

    I see slumbering energy that will well forth one day.
    It is always a delight to see your creations, the fine details of your work and even if I weren’t interested in the textile/needlework part I would enjoy just looking at the photographs. You present your work so well. A true artist!

  3. mattia says:

    très très beau travail, magnifique création

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