Raised Cross Stitch Flower, Scroll Stitch, Top Knotted Buttonhole

Three weeks and three new stitches. I have been behind in the Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge. Too much else going on. I was all caught up and just in time, but now I’ve got this week’s stitch to do next! I have added raised cross stitch flower, scroll stitch, and top knotted buttonhole to the spirit figure that I’ve been working on. She is nearly done now.  Too bad this week’s stitch won’t fit in with the little bit there is left to go. I may have to finish her with a stitch not in the TAST challenge. TAST sampler dollStarting at the bottom, there is scroll stitch in a variegated light blue. On top of that is top knotted buttonhole in medium blue.  Above that are six raised cross stitch flowers. I’ve filled in the background with a few Chinese knots. This completes the stitching for the front of her body. I’ll add a little stitching to her face and then sew her up and see how she looks.

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6 Responses to Raised Cross Stitch Flower, Scroll Stitch, Top Knotted Buttonhole

  1. cute pattern I like the design!

  2. Queeniepatch says:

    Every stitch is eye candy! How beautiful the colours are against the background. Looking forward to seeing the completed doll.

  3. She will look very decorative, that’s for sure!

  4. Marie says:

    Beautiful stitching. I’m so behind on TAST…I should create a sampler, something like Mary Corbett’s lattice sampler over at Needle N Thread. This piece of yours reminded me of the sampler idea.

  5. Barbara M says:

    Lovely detail and your shots are great!

  6. A lovely combination of stitches and a great way to display them!

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