Easter Traditions–Bread Dolls

Every year since my girls were young, we’ve made Braided Bread Dolls at Easter time.  This year I was lucky to have Martha come home to play in the kitchen with me.  I planned ahead and had the dough already rising in the bread machine before she got home.  When she arrived, we got down to business and started shaping the dough.bread doll doughEach doll needs a long rope and a short rope and an egg.bread doll 2Then the ropes are braided.bread doll braidsThe dolls are placed on a cookie sheet.  After they have risen about an hour, they are baked to a golden brown.bread dolls bakedMartha painted the faces with food coloring dye and pastes.bread doll facesThey smelled so delicious, we had to try one hot from the oven!  Yum!bread doll faces

While we were waiting for the bread to rise, we dyed some eggs.  I’ve been wanting to try out the instructions in “Eco Colour” by India Flint.  The book is about botanical dyes for textiles, but there is a small bit about using onion skins to dye eggs.  The picture was so appealing!  The onion skins were easy to collect at my favorite produce market.  One day I was there when a worker was cleaning out the onion bin and I ask for the skins.  Sure, they must have thought me a bit odd, but what can I say, I must be.

First step was to lay some small leaves next to the eggs as a resist and then wrap them with dampened onion skins.easter eggsThey were tied up with string and boiled for 10 minutes.  We let them sit in the pot afterward until they were cool.  That was the hard part.  Easter eggs 2Each little egg was a surprise waiting to be unfolded.easter eggs 4The crochet cotton threads that were used to tie up the bundles were dyed a beautiful color too.  They will be saved to my embroidery box for a future project.  Next year I’ll have to try with red onion skins and perhaps beets.

Has anyone else tried dyeing with onion skins or beets?

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5 Responses to Easter Traditions–Bread Dolls

  1. nita butler says:

    Wonderful idea! So pretty!

  2. If you use white onion skins most of the time you will get a bright sunny yellow. :^)

  3. Hi, Lucy~
    What a splendid way to incorporate dolls into divine baking! What a divine Easter tradition! I was also intrigued by the gorgeous egg dyeing … how beautiful! You have captured me as a fan!

  4. I’ve heard of onion-dyeing eggs, but this is the first time I’ve seen the result – lovely!

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