New Doll – Bianca

It seems like ages ago that I started this doll.  She has sat naked on my worktable for weeks waiting patiently for clothes and then a while longer yet for some shoes.  Even when I wasn’t sewing on her, I was enjoying fondling the fabrics and trims that were in her work pile.  I didn’t end up using most of the things–that’s always the way it works.  But having all of them spread out as I’m putting the pieces together adds to the creative process and gives me lots of choices and options.  Her clothing is made of embroidered silk chiffon; silk taffeta; and vintage braid, tatting and lace.  Her body is a combination of silk taffeta and dupioni.

BiancaBianca is so much fun to pose and play with.

Bianca 2She is a posable doll with flexible joints at the ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and neck.  Yes, her head swivels.  See her joints unclothed here.

Bianca 3I left her elbow exposed between the chiffon poof and the lower sleeve.  It’s the part of her joint that keeps the arm from hyperextending in an unnatural way and I liked the way it looks with the braid.

Bianca shoesMaking shoes is quite a stumbling block for me.  They are hard to make and not my favorite part of the process.  Gluing on the soles is a very fiddly job.  I would have sewn them if I could.  The soles are leather; the upper is silk and vintage tatting.

Bianca 4She has a Tibetan wool wig and just barely peeking out below is an ear.  She has so much hair I could have skipped on the ears, but I didn’t know that when I made them.  Bianca is full of surprises.  She has sculpted toes and toenails underneath those shoes too!

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9 Responses to New Doll – Bianca

  1. She’s a beautiful fairytale princess – and her elbows look almost like part of the dress, don’t they!

  2. Judi W says:

    I think she looks great! Looking forward to buying your pattern!

  3. shashi says:

    She is beautiful I absolutely love her. Her body shape is fantastic.

  4. Beth says:

    Wow I love Bianca! Will she be a pattern? I cant find your website that you sold your patterns on, have you stopped selling them? Bethx

    • Thanks! I am making a pattern for the jointed doll. It’s just taking more time. I have a little more tweeking to do to get it just right. My website is down at the moment. I’m not sure when it will be up again but it will be by the time I have this pattern for sale. I’ll connect it to my blog and announce when it is done.

  5. jennieanydots says:

    This is just how I imagine Miss Havisham…

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