Berry Stitch

Time for Take a Stitch Tuesday embroidery challenge.  This week’s stitch is called berry stitch.  It is a double detached chain.  Pretty easy, and yet it makes for interesting texture.  It’s just a little bit more than the single chain.  I’ve worked a row of berry stitch around the spot where the face will go on my spirit doll.  Between each berry stitch is a cluster of three pistil stitches.

DSCN6616I’ve used two different shades for each berry.  Not only does it make both detached chains stand out, it makes the stitch look more seedish than berryish; think sunflower seeds.  I also like the combination of blue and brown.  The pistil stitches remind me of little crowns and look quite regal surrounding her head.


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2 Responses to Berry Stitch

  1. Queeniepatch says:

    You have made a very attractive combination of sitches. I love the colours, too.

  2. It’s always good to experiment with stitches, and find ever more applications for them..

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