Moebius Cowl Scarf

Christmas is drawing nearer and I’ve been busy as an elf making gifts for family and friends.  Most things I’m not showing yet…don’t want to give away the surprise.  But this is something I’ve made for myself.  One of the grab bags that I bought in Houston at the quilt festival had a large piece of pre-pleated cotton lame that was big enough to make a scarf.

DSCN6544I don’t remember where I found the pattern.  I thought it was Threads magazine, but I couldn’t find it again so it’s a good thing I had written the instructions down on a scrap of paper and saved it.  It’s a smaller circle and wider than most of the other patterns that are available on the net.  It slips right over my head and off I go!

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3 Responses to Moebius Cowl Scarf

  1. looks fab – gorgeous warm colors! (Yay for those saved scraps of paper!) 🙂

  2. matt the rat says:

    Thumbs up from your highest attaining math student child. Let me know when you are ready for other math and physics references in your work.

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