Handmade Gifts

When Christmas comes around every year, I love to give handmade gifts to those who mean a lot to me.  Gifts for the men in my life are not easy to make, but I can have a lot of fun with the females.  Especially the young ones.  Here’s what I’ve finished in the past few days:

Two mermaid bags.  I had forgotten that I had a few of the Laurel Birch panels left.

Two kitty purses.

A pair of slippers with a thick felt sole that are soft and comfy.

And an embroidered silk pillow with a velvet back.

There are a few more things planned for later.  Before I do more gifts, I’m making something for myself.  Tomorrow I’m starting a fleece jacket.  The fleece is so old, I can’t say how many years ago I bought it.  I do remember that it came from Nancy’s Notions.  Long past time to do something with it.

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3 Responses to Handmade Gifts

  1. For some reason men are difficult to do presents for, whether you make them or throw money at them! All the men in my life have gone very minimal, of late, as well!

  2. you can’t go wrong with a kitty bag

    I think I’ must be lucky as all the men in my life are relatively easy to make for

  3. Jeannette says:

    You are definitely ahead of things with so many lovely Christmas gifts already made. I feel so behind this year and there’s only 5 weeks left! The bags, purses, slippers and pillow all look wonderful 🙂

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