Dream Journal–Tatted Elephants

This page of my dream journal has come together for me.  The elephant is a strong female symbol, one I’ve shown here surrounded by her family.

elephant journal pageThe elephant came to me in my dream in the form of a tatting shuttle.  I was filled with the desire to tat, something I had learned many years before but no longer practiced and wasn’t sure I could remember.  The elephant instructed me to close my eyes and let muscle memory take over.  And like riding a bike, it seems I hadn’t forgotten.  Is this a lesson in listening to my intuition?  What past lessons do I need to remember?

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3 Responses to Dream Journal–Tatted Elephants

  1. I’m sure that if you allow your intuition to speak to you it will guide you aright.

  2. Jeannette says:

    All your elephants look terrific!!

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