Felted Circle Bracelet

Here is a bracelet made from the felted circles that I stitched on our trip to the Smoky Mountains last month.  This one is the second bracelet and it has worked out so much better than the first.  The circles are stitched onto a black felt background.  It’s a nice contrast to the bright felt.

It’s hard to see the ribbon loop on the end or the buttonhole stitching on the outer edge of the black.

I’ve sent this as a gift for my mother-in-law who has been ill and is in the hospital.  She also is a stitcher and has been busy showing all of the nurses her new bracelet.  Thinking to brighten her day again, I’ve made up a simple little necklace–a copy of one that was a gift to me–and a kit to make some more.  It’s a super simple pattern, one I think she can make up herself from the hospital bed.  Burton may have to help her with the finishing bit, but it will be something to bring her hospital visit to some semblance of her usual routine.  She crochets constantly and in fact had been crocheting in her sleep the first night of her hospital stay!

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2 Responses to Felted Circle Bracelet

  1. Mosaic Magpie says:

    Love the bracelet, a great gift! I like the necklace too, I have wanted to make one of those. Could you share the pattern with us???

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