Closed Base Needlewoven Picot Stitch

With my elephant/tatting shuttle dream firmly in mind, I decided to embroider an elephant this week.  The new stitch this week in the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge seemed like it would fit right in with my plans.  Its name, “closed base needlewoven picot stitch,” is quite a mouthful and it is a dramatic stitch that is worthy of its name.  Since it certainly couldn’t be used for the entire elephant, I challenged myself to see how many of the previous challenge stitches I could use in this one project.  The answer is 14.  The new stitch is the dark green leaf shapes that form the fringe on the elephant’s blanket.  They are attached at the top only and hang free.

The stitches used are:  outline, running, chain, Pekinese, fly, pistil, oyster, buttonhole wheel, detached chain, feather, Algerian eyelet, Cretan, beaded hedebo, and closed base needlewoven picot.  Plus she has a little tatted tail.  The beaded hedebo stitch was a stitch that I skipped a few weeks ago when we were in Tennessee at my nephew’s wedding.  It didn’t seem to fit what I was stitching at that time, but it looks perfect as the blanket edging.  I’ve used small washers as beads in the Algerian eyelets.

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13 Responses to Closed Base Needlewoven Picot Stitch

  1. latha says:

    He is so cute !!!!! nealy done stitches….love the design and colours used…

  2. Queeniepatch says:

    An excellent sampler or summery of TAST stitches. The Woven Picot stitch is placed perfectly on the elephant.

  3. What an enchanting little elephant!

  4. Claudia says:

    I like your elephant! Great!

  5. Jeannette says:

    What an excellent job of combining 14 TAST stitches on your beautifully created elephant! Your picots worked perfectly dangling down like that. Very nicely done 🙂

  6. Debbie says:

    Great use of the picot stitch, Lucy! They are very well done. I’ll remember this idea next time I embroider an elephant!

  7. jizee6687 says:

    very beautiful! the TAST stitch Elephant is so cute!

  8. Lilian says:

    A great showcase of all the stitches. The picot is perfect for the blanket fringe.

  9. very nice..stitches are are used well..

  10. iHanna says:

    Oh wow, he is sooo cute, and the TAST-stitch well used. Thanks for sharing!

  11. crazyqstitcher says:

    Such a friendly and well dressed elephant. Your stitches are perfect.

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