Italian Border Stitch

Continuing on with the embroidered spirit figure started a few weeks ago as a canvas for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge, I have added a row of Italian border stitch.  The other stitches used so far are:  knotted buttonhole and knotted loop stitch.  This week’s stitch is really a detached fly with a knot at the base, so it fits right in with the other stitches.

In dark blue pearl cotton #5 is Italian border stitch with accent French knots in an olive green.

I found this stitch to be a lot more versatile than the border stitch title suggests.  This is a stitch worth knowing!

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One Response to Italian Border Stitch

  1. gonerustic says:

    I hit the like button, but I actually LOVE this! The arrangement of stitches and colours is stunning =D

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