“It Runs in the Family”

What runs in the family?  Art does.  In this family it is specific to fiber art although not exclusively to fiber.

The Del Ray Artisans Gallery in Alexandria, VA have a new show up titled “It Runs in the Family.”  Alison is a member there and got our family together to participate in this juried show.  Our art is the 10th picture in the slideshow in the link above.  My entry is a doll from several years ago.

It is titled United We Stand.  Alison chose this one because it seemed to fit in with her entry.  This piece was created for a show after Katrina swept through our state.  It is fabric applique and mounted on Mississippi River driftwood.

Alison contributed In the Turbulence II from her Falling series.

It is a quilt of fiber reactive dye on cotton, 14×17.  Check out her website here.

Martha’s piece was an art garment from her senior BFA show last fall.

I didn’t take a photo before I sent it off.  This is from the BFA show at LSU.  It is composed of three layers of colored silk organza in different orders to create different shades.  Check out her website here.

My mom also was part of the action with a small wall quilt.

The center motif is discharge dyed using resist and bleach on black cotton.

Three generations creating art with fabric.  Does art run in your family?

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2 Responses to “It Runs in the Family”

  1. On both sides of the family!

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