Swimsuit Stitching

When summer began, I realized I needed another swimsuit.  My current suit was great, but getting old.  And since shopping, especially for swimsuits, is a nightmare, I decided to try to sew one.  The last suit I made was for maternity wear–about 24 years ago before Martha was born.  While I am fairly pleased with the results, this sewing project presented one problem after another from fit to technical problems with the elastic.  But then I love a challenge!  Of course it took me three months to even begin and then two weeks to get it finished.

Here I am relaxing now that the job is done!

It’s a tankini with boy cut legs–a very flattering style for me.  The fabric came from The Fabric Fairy.  I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.  Ordering fabric online can be hit or miss.  This was a hit.  The fabric is good quality and exactly like it appeared online.

My best tip for sewing a swimsuit is to use a stretch needle for the whole process.  It will prevent skipped stitches.  I also bought a twin sewing needle for stretch fabrics size 4.0/75.  This is the best thing ever for a professional look for sewing on the elastic.  Because the twin needles form a zigzag on the reverse side, the seam line stretches and stitches don’t pop.

It was kind of expensive for one needle, but the results were fabulous.  Too bad summer is over and I won’t be swimming again for a while.

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