Pistil Stitch

Last week was a catch up week for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge which is why I had no embroidery post last week.  Mostly I used that time to catch up on things other than stitching, but I am working on a new swimsuit.  That’s another challenge altogether.  More to come on that as it progresses.

This week’s stitch is pistil stitch.  It’s a French knot with a tail.  I love this stitch and have used it many times.  My sample is another page from my dream journal.

It is entitled “Escaping Gravity.”  In my dreams I can fly!

It’s not finished yet; I still have to trim and bind the edges which will happen when I am ready to put the whole book together.  I’m also thinking about what I will write on the page.  The last few pages have no writing.  Soon I’ll go back and add words to all of them.

The washers add just the right amount of sparkle.  I found them in the tool box and was delighted by the spokes on the outer edge.

My pistil stitches have a curl to them.  These look like little comas.  I’ve discovered that I’ve been wrapping the thread around the needle in the opposite direction from the instructions all along.

These blue stitches are wrapped in the more conventional direction and are straight like a row of little trees.

The fabrics are hand painted cotton broadcloth and organza.  The stitching is done in two strands of cotton floss or one strand of metallic floss.

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8 Responses to Pistil Stitch

  1. crazypatch says:

    Lovely, always good ideas

  2. Rachel says:

    So you inadvertently discovered a delightful variation!

  3. Very nicely done pistil stitches. Your comma ones are neat 🙂

  4. Queeniepatch says:

    I learn so much by looking at others’ blogs; here I have learned how to do ‘commas’ and the beauty of a washer! Thank you!

  5. just beautiful – the addition of the little washers is spot on! well done!

  6. Raphaela says:

    Love your Pistil stitching.

  7. I’m dreaming and flying in your page too 😉

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