Sheaf Stitch

Isaac has passed on through and although parts of Louisiana and Mississippi were hard hit, we generally missed all the problems.  We didn’t even lose electricity.  Amazing.  Although Baton Rouge was in the center of the hurricane path, we are far enough inland that we missed the high winds.  The rain was heavy in localized areas, but we were lucky to miss that too.

Time for Take a Stitch Tuesday.  The stitch this week is sheaf stitch.  It’s often used as a fill stitch and I decided to try it.  Here’s another page of my dream journal with sheaf stitch used for texture on the blue background.

This one is entitled “Here I am.”

The fabric is hand painted cotton and embroidered in two shades of blue pearl cotton #5.  The eagle didn’t print up very nicely so I did some touch up with colored pencils.  On the right side is some painted cheesecloth embroidered with a variegated pearl cotton.  Even though I’ve been playing with these fancy and interesting embroidery stitches, I still rely on the plain running stitch for the back bone of many of my works.   It’s the one stitch that I use most.

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3 Responses to Sheaf Stitch

  1. eclecticlamb says:

    I love how you used the stitch to give texture to your piece!

  2. your work is just beautiful – very well done!

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