Upcycled Plastic Fabric Foldover Bag

Another project that’s been on my to-do list for quite a while has been to make fused plastic fabric.  It seemed like such an easy thing to do.  Just cut up plastic bags and iron them together.  Not quite.

Step one.  Find a large quantity of plastic bags.  That was easy.

Step two.  Cut off handles and open bag into a single layer. Easy again.

Step three.  Take ironing board outside for good ventilation.  Layer several sheets of plastic between parchment paper on ironing board.  Heat iron to perm press.  Not hard.

Step four.  Iron paper and plastic sandwich slowly allowing the plastic to fuse together before moving to a fresh area.  Disaster!  The plastic bubbled up and shrunk a lot and not at all evenly.  This implies that the iron was too hot, however the layers didn’t fuse together very well and peeled apart easily so maybe it wasn’t hot enough.  I checked to make sure all the bags had the same recycle number and tried again.  A little better, but not at all smooth.  It will have to do.  I’ll have to stitch all the edges of my bag to insure they don’t pull apart.

Step five.  Cut out rectangles for a fold over tote bag/clutch purse.

Step six.  Sew bottom seam.  Fold handle edges in and stitch.  Stitch handles to bag front and back.  Topstitch top edge.

Step seven.  Sew side seams and boxing seams on the bottom.  Turn right side out and admire.

The sewing took about 30 minutes.  The fusing took two hours!

Just outside the window I can hear the wind picking up.  Here is Louisiana we are on hurricane alert.  We’ve been waiting all day for something to happen.  There has been little rain and not much wind…yet.  I’m sure we’ll lose electricity when Isaac finally gets here.  That will probably be the worst for us unless we have a tree go down.  Four years ago with Gustav, we were two weeks without power.  Let’s hope it isn’t so bad this year.

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One Response to Upcycled Plastic Fabric Foldover Bag

  1. I hope that Isaac leaves you alone, trees and all! Hopefully you can embroider in the dark, if necessary.

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