Upcycled T-shirt Skirt

My dear hubby has a hard time parting with his old T-shirts.  Even the stained and holey ones are kept as “gardening clothes.”  He is however my biggest supporter and when I mentioned that I needed T-shirt for my latest project, he was happy to give me access to his stash.  Some were beyond my help, but I found several that despite holes in the neck band were usable in the main body.  I chose 3 shirts:  navy, red, and gray.  My objective:  a cute and sassy ruffled skirt that wasn’t too fluffy or full and was easy to wear.

I opted to not hem the ruffles; they have straight cut lower edges.  The top 3 tiers aren’t gathered.  They were eased into the underskirt which was stretched during sewing.  The smaller gray ruffles were gathered before sewing.  I didn’t want the top edge of the top ruffle to show so I added on a yoke.

The red T-shirt is hidden underneath it all.  I was kind of hoping it would show a little, but I’d have to do a hand stand I think.  The one disappointment is the elastic in the waist is not strong enough to hold up the skirt.  It’s a heavy skirt.  Not wanting to run to the store, I used what I had and 1/2″ isn’t good enough.  I’ll get a wider elastic to switch out and then the skirt will stay up.  It is really supposed to be knee length.

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2 Responses to Upcycled T-shirt Skirt

  1. Oh, if you turn around quickly, I’m sure the red will show – and besides, you’ll know it’s there!

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