Linked Double Chain Stitch

This week may have started slowly for me, but it is ending in a rush.  Today I was busy with a sewing class.  This time for adults, not kids.  It’s the third adult class for the summer and like before, no one wanted their picture taken for my blog.  So unlike the children who are excited to have photos taken.  The ladies were an exuberant bunch, however, and not only had a great time, they got a lot accomplished.  There will definitely be more classes scheduled.

Last night I finished up my sample for this week’s TAST.  The stitch is called linked double chain.  It’s an odd combination of a double chain stitch followed by a twisted chain and then repeated.  It makes a thick and  thin line.  When stacked close together it makes a rough texture good for the bark of a tree.

I call it The Ghost Tree.

The stitching was done in two directions, from top to bottom and from bottom to top on alternating rows.  This made the stitches fill in the spaces better.  I like the contrast of the light tree against the black linen.  A variegated pearl cotton give the tree a shaded look.

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8 Responses to Linked Double Chain Stitch

  1. That worked brilliantly!

  2. Faith says:

    Beautiful. I like how you worked it — up and down. I like the name, too.

  3. leelagovind says:

    lovely!unique pattern!you are very clever!

  4. Anneliese says:

    Very, very good. I love the name, too.

  5. Julie says:

    You know what? This tree is awesome! The variegated thread really gives it dimension. Love how you ran the rows up and down…good idea!
    xoxo- Julie

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