Cast on Stitch

Take a Stitch Tuesday:  This week is cast on stitch.

Cast on stitch is similar to bullion stitch only instead of wrapping the thread around the needle, it is looped over in a half-hitch.  As I was learning the rhythm, I noticed how much the stitch reminded me of tatting rings and wondered how it would look if I duplicated tatting knots.  On my sample below, the stitch on the right is the traditional cast on.  On the left is the variation with the double knots and picot loop.  Below is the variation while still on the needle before the thread is pulled all the way through.

The base fabric is a strip of needle felt left over from my Red Swamp Maple Spirits Tree.  Cast on stitch is such a three dimensional, textured stitch, I decided to combine it with some of the other more textured stitches from earlier TAST weeks.

I ended up with a bright, fun to wear bracelet.  It has a silk lining and large button closure that is easy to fasten with one hand yet very secure and sturdy.

I used cast on stitch, whipped wheel, oyster, and French knots in various colors of pearl cotton 5.

Some of the cast on stitches are the picot variation with the double knot.  The traditional stitch has a more organic feel with the twisting and curving, but the variation does provide a little extra texture to this piece.  I can see that both will be useful stitches.

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1 Response to Cast on Stitch

  1. Rachel says:

    I love that “tatting” variation – a great idea!

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