Christmas in August

Every summer I think I’ll get started on some handmade gifts for family and friends early.  This year I actually did.  I’ve made an apron and a pair of slippers.  The history of the apron began in 2005 when Alison painted a mermaid mural on my kitchen wall.  For my birthday that year, I asked for a new apron and stool cover.  Alison and Martha came through for me with flying colors.  The mural is gone now; covered up with a new mural of a larger than life flower garden, but that’s another story.

Alison and the mermaid apron that she designed and created.

And Martha with her jelly fish stool (and the reverse side of the apron)

With Alison’s permission, I recreated her mermaid apron.

And side 2

When I sewed the applique starfish and shells, I didn’t want them to be stiff.  Instead of fusible and satin stitch, I turned under 1/4″ on the edges and used a machine “blanket stitch” to hold it down.  With a little spray starch to stiffen the fabric, this worked very well even with all the curves and corners.

And then there’s the slippers.  These are from Home Companion Magazine  and designed by Heather Ross.  The pattern appeared years ago and it’s been something that I’ve wanted to try.  They went together so easily, I may have to make another pair.

The sole is thick felt from a felted wool sweater which makes them very comfortable to wear.

There are many more gifts on my list; this is just the beginning.  With good planning, I may avoid the last minute rush come Christmas time.

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2 Responses to Christmas in August

  1. I always intend to start early and I’ve never managed yet – except if you count the time I decided to give someone something after I’d made it rather than making it with them in mind!

  2. Carol says:

    love the slippers!

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