Another Cloth Doll–Lolo

My summer vacation is nearly over.   School begins next week.  I begin the new year with a meeting for the school therapists bright and early tomorrow morning.  I’ve gotten a lot accomplished this summer, not everything on my list, but all the important things and some of the fun things.  I’ve managed to squeeze in one more fun doll–Lolo.

Her hair was inspired by the wonderful dolls at the International Folk Art Museum in Albuquerque that were in an earlier post here.  It is a sculptural applique technique that makes it easy to personalize and adjust hair styles.

I’ve had such fun with these pinafore girls.  And I still have two pieces of fabric for more!

Henny Penny, Lolo, Maisie, Kiki

The trio has become a quartet.

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One Response to Another Cloth Doll–Lolo

  1. gonerustic says:

    They look like they all have interesting and unique personalities … love Lolo’s appliqued hair (what a great idea)! And the boots – wonderful =D

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