Basque and Oyster Stitches

Here I am, having to make up time for a week spent with no stitching.  Although I brought some fabric and pearl cotton along on our trip to New Mexico, I was content to putter along with my sketchbook and journal.  Today I made up for my vacation time by putting together a little flag with the stitches from this week and last.  I am of-course referring to the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge.  Of the two, I liked the oyster stitch best.  I can see that it will be a very useful stitch to have in my arsenal.  I may have to play with the basque stitch more to appreciate it.

The brown zigzag is the basque stitch.  Perhaps I’d like it better if it were more densely stitched or in a thicker thread.  The shorter loops look better to my eye.  Next time I’ll try something different.

The large white dots are the oyster stitch.  There is a subtle jacquard weave to the fabric that has alternating ovals and rectangles.  I placed the oysters in the ovals for even spacing.  This piece of fabric that is an African hand-dye.  It is thin, almost sheer, but very stiff and lots of body.

See Mr. Happy Man!  This little fellow is copied from the petroglyphs near Albuquerque.  He radiates joy.  He makes me smile when I see him.

His eyes are oysters, too.  I never knew this stitch would make such good eyes.  I will definitely try this again.

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3 Responses to Basque and Oyster Stitches

  1. Rachel says:

    I think I agree that Basque stitch looks better when it isn’t spindly, but then, isn’t that the point of TAST – experimentation!

  2. Faith says:

    Mr. Happy Man makes me smile, too.

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