Creative Sewing Camp Week 2

Another week of sewing camp has flown by.  It all started on Monday with six bright and happy girls walking through my door to learn how to sew.  Five of them were brand-new to sewing and all were excited to start.  After five fun filled afternoons, we have three pairs of shorts, one skirt, two dresses, an apron, three pincushions, and three zipper bags completed, plus two tops and another zipper bag almost done.

Lindsey loved her pink shorts so much, she made a matching skirt.  Gabby didn’t quite finish her yellow peasant blouse, but the blue shorts are really cute.

Emily made a dress for her cousin, Sarah.  It has little flip-flop buttons at the shoulders and appliqued stars in front.

Jessica now has a pretty dress and matching zipper bag.  The scalloped neckline is an interesting detail.

Mollie is ready for baking in her new and fashionable apron.  The bias binding was tricky, but Mollie mastered the task.

An assortment of extra.  The triangle zipper bag was popular as was the pincushion.  The yellow bag at the bottom of the photo is unfinished.  It will have monster button eyes to go with the monster zipper mouth.  Emily drew up her own design!

And to finish off my week, tomorrow I am taking a coiled basket class.  This time I’ll be one of the players.

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8 Responses to Creative Sewing Camp Week 2

  1. Liz Adams says:

    What a talented group! and you must be some teacher, for them to get these results from being totally beginners. Lovely stuff! and I love the student who made a dress for her cousin, too cute. Please pass on my congratulations to them all!

  2. ladyfleur says:

    Such quality from brand new seamstresses! I love that Emily chose to make something for her little cousin. And I love love love Mollie’s apron and her sassy attitude.

    Do you have more camps lined up for the summer. It’s so inspiring to see these young girls create.

    • No more camps for youngsters this summer. I’ve had two Saturdays of classes with adults and I have another scheduled for August. Those have been great too and I will continue with them.

      That picture of Mollie reminds me of you!

  3. Well done to them all – fantastic work!

  4. All the girls did some fabulous work! That scalloped neckline Jessica did was not easy to do and she did a fantastic job. Mollie’s apron turned out cute and bias binding can be difficult to work with.
    What a sweet girl Emily was to create such a cute dress for her cousin and the appliqued stars! This was not just a basic sewing class these girls learned some skills!!!

  5. Ahhh – makes me miss when I used to do the same – both at my shop, and then in my basement. Nothing beats girls this age – congrats on lovely, inspiring work! Keep it going, sister!

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