Pincushions and more…

Three Christmases ago, I made pincushions as gifts.  Of course, I really needed a new one myself, and of course, I didn’t make one for me.  Now finally I have.  I’ve made two new ones so that I can have pins handy in all my work areas.  I must make more.

These first two are just playing around ideas.

I like the fish a lot.  It is small yet a good size for working.  It holds steady as the pins go in and out.  And the fin makes a great handle.  The monster is a re-do of the one I made for Martha.  Hers is much cuter, but it is unstable when in use.  I widened the bottom and that works much better.  I think if I try again, I’ll put the side gusset back in.  Here is what Martha’s looked like along with a needle book to keep hand sewing needles neat and organized.  They have spent a couple of years in heavy use in her studio and are no longer pristine.

Her pincushion is made from a felted sweater with appliqued features.  Mine, in the cheap thin felt is lacking the same character.  The needle book is a practical addition to the worktable.  I have made one for me to go with my fish pincushion.  It holds my embroidery needles on one page, sewing needles on another, beading needles, and tapestry needles at the end.  For the books, the cheaper, thin felt works better in my opinion.  It keeps the bulk down.  The pages are woven wool to keep the needles from rusting.

Last of all, I have made a scissors case.

This one, alas, is not for me, but is a gift.  It is for one of my young students.  A girl who has sewn with me since 2004.  She has taken nine of my sewing classes over the years and has just graduated from high school.  As she moves to another chapter in her life, I want to honor her for her dedication to creativity and sewing.  Congratulations Nicole!

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