Bonnet Stitch

I had a dream a few days ago of a haunting song.  This by itself is unusual  for me, but the song has stayed in my head and I have not forgotten it or the feeling it evoked in me in the dream.  This dream needed recognition in my dream journal.

This week’s Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge stitch is the bonnet stitch.  It’s an unusual and at first glance a boring stitch.  I had never seen it before.  It looked rigid and stiff.  But as I played with it, I realized it would work well in my dream journal page.  I purposefully kept the stitching loose and uneven to give it a more organic look.

I really like this stitch.  It had a rhythm to the stitching of it that seemed to move in time to the song in my head.  It seemed like a mantra meditation repeating “let me love you.”  One of the reasons I have so enjoyed my return to hand stitching is the slow meditative quality of the needle moving through the fabric.

I’ve used hand painted cotton fabrics for the background and the hands, silk organza for the heart, and sari silk ribbon for the embellishments.  I’ve kept the skeins of silk ribbon on my worktable just because they are beautiful, and it seems that they manage to get used in nearly everything I’m making lately.  I wish I had room for all my beautiful things on my worktable!

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3 Responses to Bonnet Stitch

  1. Rachel says:

    It’s a charming stitch, and you’ve produced a lovely piece.

  2. As I was reading your post the thought of a crown of thorns kept entering my mind. I get to the last photo and WOW! Such a lovely interpretation of a stitch and full of meaning. Nice work.

    • Although it was not my intention at all, I did notice how this stitch looked like a crown of thorns. As I look at it now, I see the undertones of other religious imagery. What else was lurking in my dream?

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