Lady Go-Go

Once, when I was a young girl, I perched on our wooden picnic table outside and pretended to be a Go-Go dancer.  As a shy child, I waited until I was alone and then danced like a wild thing.  I was a wild and free spirit for all of 30 seconds before I tumbled off the table top.  I remember conking my head on the concrete patio.  I sat there, alone, until the world steadied.  I was not about to admit to my mom the foolishness that I had just displayed, so until now, this has been my deep, dark secret.

I think I must have been channeling that former self as I was creating this latest doll.  I knew from the beginning that she was a dancer.  A graceful dancer with a full sweeping skirt.  Little did I know that inside of her lurked a 60’s Go-Go dancer.

She began as a companion to an earlier doll Mirror, Mirror, Tell Me No LiesThey have the same type of appliqued face and a similar stump body.

She also shares the long fingers and graceful hands that Mirror, Mirror has.

My challenge to myself as I was creating my lady was to use only what I had on hand; to not buy anything new and in this case not to “shop” even in my mom or sister’s stashes.  I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to use the beaded and embroidered dress fragment and its time finally came.  You can see the project box and the fabrics in it as they lay in wait, patiently, for me to choose them here.

Lady Go-Go will make her debut appearance in Houston at the International Quilt Festival as part of theIn Celebration of the Doll exhibit.  This is my fifth year to be invited to participate and I am thrill to once again have the opportunity to be a part of this memorable show.

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9 Responses to Lady Go-Go

  1. She is gorgeous! Absolutely fabulous. Do you sew entirely by hand or is there a combination of machine and hand stitching there? What does ‘stump body’ mean?

    • The body parts are sewn by machine then cut out, turned and stuffed. All the rest is hand stitched from putting the body parts together to embellishing. Stitching and turning the fingers is the tricky part, but best done by machine. Lady Go-Go’s clothing is stitched to her body and that is all done by hand. The bead work was not done by me. It was part of a vintage dress fragment. A “stump” doll is one that has a solid shape for the lower half of the body instead of individual legs. Often the stump is camouflaged by the skirt, but I made this one so that the stump shape is part of the design. The pattern for Lady Go-Go’s skirt is shaped to have the bustle and train. The skirt has a cardboard insert on the bottom for stiffness, and is stuffed.

  2. Thanks for answering. I thought that’s what ‘stump’ meant, that’s how I made my one-and-only doll. I can see now that her skirt is stuffed, not laying over a shape underneath. I assume she’s 18″ like Mirror Mirror. I’m so impressed. Makes me want to try one of my own.

  3. She’s glorious – well done!

  4. Queeniepatch says:

    Your Lady Go-Go is stunning, as is her gown, as are the photographs. Always a pleasure to follow your blog.

    • I’m so glad you like my photography, and Lady Go-Go too of-course. I struggle to get good photos every time and often feel that I have not succeeded. My biggest wish is that I had a spot in my house that was bright enough with natural light to take photos without artificial light.

  5. ladyfleur says:

    So you were dancing on the picnic table. How daring! I used to dance on the kid-sized card table in our bedroom to Herman’s Hermits and The Monkees. I didn’t fall off, but I’m damn lucky the card table didn’t fold. (I love it when you share your secrets, sister)

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