Creative Sewing Camp

This has been a busy week for me.  Not only did I teach sewing camp every afternoon from Monday to Friday, but today I had another class for adults.   In the summer, when I am off from my job in the school system, I hold a Creative Sewing Camp for kids.  The first week of this summer is over and it was great.  Six young girls from age 8 to 14 came to my house to learn the skills of stitching and creating.  Some were repeat campers and some were newbies.  They all seemed to have a great time.  The projects ranged from a pillow case to a dress with darts, midriff band, lining, zipper, and ribbon trim.  We also had 4 skirts, a sundress, cat harness, romper, pajama top and pants, and purse.  Amazing!

Claire and Camille are all set to enjoy the sun in their cool new clothes.

Emily relaxes in her new skirt and purse.

Kate, in the first of the three skirts she made.  She has a fourth planned to work on at home later.

To top off my amazing week of camp, I had a semi-private class today.  Kelly learned how to sew drapes.  As an interior decorator, she was already familiar with design and measurement, which was a huge first step.  She got the first panel near completion and will be able to sew up the second panel at home.  The panels are 110″ long–a tremendous amount of fabric to handle and run through the sewing machine.   Nancy sewed a print top with a contrast band at the neck and center front.  She wasn’t quite finished by the end of the day, but she was close.

I am so proud of all of my students this week!  I feel inspired to sew something for myself!

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2 Responses to Creative Sewing Camp

  1. ladyfleur says:

    How many years have you been teaching sewing summer school to girls. I still remember the two pieces I made in your class is the 70s. It was a white sundress style top with wide straps, and elastic waist and red rickrack on a band along the top. The bottom was a red print skort out of a cotton duck fabric. I’m guessing it was no later than 1976. I was just as excited as the girls in your photos. I’m glad to see your still sharing the love of sewing.

    • Janet, your memory constantly amazes me! Since I used the money I earned from those sewing classes for the French club trip to Quebec, it was 1973 and 1974. I’m sure your top and skort were adorable too. I’ve been teaching this summer camp since 2001, twelve years. Burton did comment last night that I am always happy at the end of a sewing class day. It’s as good for me as it is for the students.

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