Cable Stitch

Another week of Take A Stitch Tuesday.  The stitch this week is cable stitch or cable chain.  I enjoyed the challenge.  This is not a stitch that I have used often, but the thought of using it on  a page in my dream journal immediately came to mind.  I wasn’t sure exactly why, but I decided to go with it and see what I ended up with.  The result was a bit darker than I had been thinking I would do this page.  The dream itself seemed to be more hopeful as I remember it.  As you can see I am grasping the rope and going to swing across to the other side, which is the message I remember.

In addition to the cable chain, I’ve used a bit of couching on the rope and some straight stitch and running stitch.

Looking back, it’s been about a year since I’ve worked on my dream book.  If I didn’t already have the summer planned out, I’d say I should do more pages.

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2 Responses to Cable Stitch

  1. Cable chain is a lovely stitch, and makes a very effective frame for the Escher print.

  2. A neat way to use this stitch! This was a new one for me as so many of them have been and once I got into the rhythm of it I quite enjoyed it and can see myself using it again. I’ve often thought of keeping a dream journal. Thanks for sharing a page of yours.

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