Appliqued Doll Face

The beginnings of a new doll have surfaced on my worktable.  The body was started several weeks ago, but languished while I was busy with other things.  This week I got busy with the head and face, but this girl just must not want to be born.  I’ve spent three days of sewing on the face alone.  What that really means is that I kept getting distracted and spent far too little time stitching.

The head is 3″ from chin to the top of her forehead.  Although this is larger than my usual heads, it makes for small pieces for applique.

Here in profile, you can see the extra dimension of the features.  I’ve added tiny bits of stuffing behind the appliques as I was stitching.  The lips are two layers of fabric sewn together and then turned and stuffed.  Then they are applied to the face.  The pupil and eye sparkle are painted.

When she is finished, she will be a stump doll like Mirror, Mirror, Tell Me No Lies who I made last year.

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4 Responses to Appliqued Doll Face

  1. Something so small is always going to be tricky to stitch – even a slight change of angle will change the expression of the face.

  2. Laura Lea says:

    Your faces are amazingly expressive. Love your applique and dimension, choice of colors and threads! I’m so glad Sharon B. showcased your Peace banner so I could explore these lovely dolls!

  3. Beth says:

    Applique faces, I like it! Found your blog from TAST 2012 and am enjoying your dolls. I’ve made painted face dolls in the past and am inspired by your applique face. The dolls from New Mexico are so interesting. Thanks!

    • If I’d have to give myself a title, it would be doll artist because that’s what I always seem to come back to. Lately I’ve been stitching in all kinds of manners and since joining TAST, embroidery much of the time. But my first love is dolls.

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