Prayer Flags

It seems that part of the challenge of the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge is what to do with all the samples I have been making.  I’ve played with the idea of binding them into book form, but they are not all compatible in size.  That may or may not be a problem and I will deal with it later.  But for now, I’ve decided to turn some of the past samples into prayer flags to go with the last two pieces.

These all were the right size for the 5×8 flags.

Whipped Wheel

Butterfly chain

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3 Responses to Prayer Flags

  1. ladyfleur says:

    I like the way you used the fence as a backdrop for the photos. The texture sets off the flags very nicely. I’ve used wood as a backdrop out here in California before. The difference is that it’s not moist enough here that I get the green stuff that’s growing on your wood. Is is an algae?

    • Yes it is and you should see the beautiful coloring on the sides of the pond bridge. I’ve been reading The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Pictures. I wish I had a better spot inside with natural light, but my house is so dark. I have to always wait for good weather and we’ve been getting rain every day lately.

  2. It can be hard to work out what to do with all these little samplers – you want to have them to refer to, but keeping them rolled up in the workbox doesn’t seem right… I like the idea of using them for bunting or prayer flags!

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