New Clothes to Wear

It’s taken me a few days to get pictures to post, but last week I had a marathon of sewing!  I made a sundress, skirt, and shorts.  The sundress is my own design and made from a salvaged cotton sari that Martha had gotten from a friend and no longer wanted.  The fabric was stained and had holes in it, but I was able to cut around all of them.  The dress has a kind of hippy, free-spirit feel to it that I like a lot.

I put a zipper in the side seam to keep the lines of the back intact.

This skirt is made of black linen purchased on a cruise last year in St. Thomas.  My sweet husband always keeps his eyes open for fabric stores when we travel.  This trip, I got lucky in St.  Thomas, Aruba, and Dominica.  Even when all I buy is a spool of thread,  it is interesting to see what is available in other fabric stores.  I do love fabric.

Alison brought the belt back from her travels last year.  It is from Guatemala, hand woven in the beautiful, bright colors that I love.

Sorry, no pictures of the shorts.

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12 Responses to New Clothes to Wear

  1. Alison says:

    i do love that belt. and it looks so lovely next to the orange silk – that’s a gorgeous fabric, too. i may enlist you to help design a sundress for me that has a bodice that fits nicely and can be worn with a bra…. which means i should perhaps be looking for oldsaris, too 🙂

    • If you are lucky enough to find an old sari! (Carol has some)
      I wonder if I can make you a pattern from your wedding dress pattern…

      • ladyfleur says:

        Carol has saris? How did she get those? From what I learned from my Silicon Valley Indian co-workers, the sari fabric that makes the skirt and drape are off-the-shelf, but the choli (bodice) is usually custom made for the woman. So while I was able to snag a salwar kameez, I never got a sari.

  2. ladyfleur says:

    I like the back of hippy, free-spirited dress. Looks very good on your slender build.

  3. For those in the UK, Manchester and Bradford both have whole streets of sari shops….

  4. patty lafleur mccubbin says:

    love the belt…my colors for sure! Looks great with the dress design:)

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  6. Wow! I love the dress – the pattern. Did you drafted it yourself? The belt is stunning!

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