I Dreamed I Could Fly

Elemental Layers:  Earth, Water, Fire, Air is up! Pictures aren’t yet posted on the blog for Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana, but they should be up soon.  The show can be seen at the JD Lafleur Nature Center at the Louisiana State Arboretum in Ville Platte through the beginning of July.  My pictures from the installation were not the best.  Below is my entry:  I Dreamed I Could Fly–update–see pictures of show here

My inspiration began with Air and birds in flight.  As the thing progressed, I felt my usual urge to add a human figure.  So I did.  The front features sheer fabrics that give the figure a dreamlike quality.  The background, too, has a layer of sheer silk that adds depth and mystery to the night sky.  The owl has a base layer of painted lutrador with dyed cheesecloth and sari silk ribbon for the upper layers.

Mostly I used running stitch to attach the appliques.  But there is also a bit of chain, twisted chain, outline, and straight stitches; all chosen partly because of how they look on the back.  On the reverse, I allowed all the embroidery to show through, even the knots.  I call this side the shadow side. The owl didn’t show up well enough, with its purple running stitches, so I whipped them with a dark rose.  All embroidery is done in pearl cotton.

The shadow owl has white and dark gray buttons for eyes in contrast with the yellow and black on the front.

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One Response to I Dreamed I Could Fly

  1. The whipping is a fine solution to the problem of making the back “read” as well as the front.

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