Paper People/Paper Pets

A friend of mine who works in the Children’s division of the library has asked me to do a program making paper dolls at the end of the month.  Always ready to jump in with teaching children, I said yes.  I’ve done this before, but have given away all of the dolls that I made.  So I had to make more!

I started with collaging different papers onto poster board.  For the class we’ll use card stock, but I wanted to make more than one doll.  I also wanted to make more than dolls.  Susan asked for Paper People and Paper Pets.

Then comes tracing the templates onto the back and cutting out the pieces.

Then came the fun part of putting the pieces together and embellishing them.

This is a quick fun project to do with children.  I purposefully kept all the steps simple to make it a one hour program.  When there is time, I like to have the children draw their own people shapes.  For this program, we’ll have templates and stencils ready to trace.

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3 Responses to Paper People/Paper Pets

  1. They do look like fun – I’m sure the kids will love doing them!

  2. Maryvonne says:

    They are super. I want to try to make them in August when I’ll have my grand-daughters around. I hope we have fun. Thanks for sharing

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