Wedding dressing

Back to normal, whatever that may be.  My daughter Alison’s wedding is past and I am back in my studio creating again.  It’s been hard to get moving after all the festivities were over.  So many emotions!  It was a happy and joyful time and I feel very blessed by my family.

First up is to share pictures of the dresses I made for the events.  Alison was beautiful in the dress.  I have to admit to tears when she and her father walked down the aisle.

My own Lemon Drop Dress turned out as well as I had hoped.  See how the silk dupioni shines and shimmers.  It was comf0rtable to wear–much more so than the shoes.  I rarely, if ever, wear heels.  Alison’s dress needed only minimal work at the final fitting.

The last thing I added was a waist stay.  It’s a length of ribbon that is sturdy and snug which serves to support the weight of the skirt.  In place of a tag, I embroidered Alison’s name and the date of the wedding on the ribbon before sewing it in.  It’s hard to see, but if you click on the picture, you can get a close up shot.  The waist stay is tacked at each seam allowance through all layers except the outer ones (lace and satin) and then closed with a large hook.  Wedding dresses are very heavy and the waist stay takes the weight off the shoulder straps.  I also added a snap on a thread chain on each shoulder strap to keep bra straps from showing and more importantly to keep the dress straps on her shoulders from  falling down.  They worked like a charm.

I made this dress for the bridesmaid luncheon.  If you think it looks familiar, it’s because I used the same pattern that I drafted for the Lemon Drop Dress with a few changes.  The full skirt is pleated with one inch knife pleats all around and I substituted pleats for the darts on the bodice.  The surplice front was removed and I smoothed out the neckline.

Martha was busy sewing for the wedding too.

Martha and Tim, maid of honor and best man, ham it up for the camera at the Groom’s dinner the night before the wedding.  The dress is one of Martha’s designs.  It has french darts on the bodice and a cute keyhole at the back neck opening.  Martha had designed and sewn a dress for the bridesmaid luncheon too, but I forgot to get a picture of it.

Soon I’ll have some pictures of what I started in the rug hooking class that I took last weekend and perhaps from the sewing class that I am scheduled to teach tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Wedding dressing

  1. Bethx says:

    The dresses are fantastic, I would love a dress like the one you made, have to keep a look out for a pattern. You and your daughter both looked beautiful, glad it was such a wonderful day! Bethx

  2. Well done – the dresses turned out really well!

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