Stem Stitch

The Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge stitch for this week is stem stitch.  Stem stitch is the first embroidery stitch I learned.  It is the only one my mother taught me and the only one I used for many years.  It is a basic stitch that so many embroidery patterns depend on.  I’ve tried to experiment with different ways to use it.  Packed tightly together it is an alternative to satin stitch, last week’s TAST challenge stitch.

I like the way the shading blends with the rows of stem stitching.  “Sea Storm” is embellished with a piece of driftwood and some nuno felt from an earlier play day.

This guy is “Swimming at Midnight.”  He’s one of my totem figures.

With him are “Sailing Across the Desert” and “Singing in the Chorus.”

“Touch Me Not”

My sample for this week’s challenge stitch is another experiment with layering sheer fabrics.  This piece uses lace, organza, cheesecloth and netting held together with stem stitch.  I’m thinking this may be a good background for my Elemental Layers piece.

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6 Responses to Stem Stitch

  1. Is the stem stitch the same thing as the chain stitch? I remember Mom teaching me the chain stitch. I wanted to do the satin stitch but she thought otherwise.

  2. Stem is a useful stitch, isn’t it – and you’ve used it to great effect!

  3. Wow
    It is fentastic.

  4. Your Sea Storm face in stem stitch is fabulous!! This is so creative and wonderfuly stitched. Kudos to you 🙂

  5. Laura Lea says:

    Oh I’m in awe of your talent! Absolutely fabulous! Being a Pisces, I think Sea Storm is my favorite!

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