Lemon Drop Dress

Buying fabric off the internet can be tricky.  Colors may not appear on the monitor in the same hue as they appear in hand.  When swatches are offered it usually a good idea to get those first before making a final decision.  Too bad I wasn’t able to get swatches on my purchase.  I was hoping for a soft buttery yellow.  What I got was an icy lemon.  It is pretty and it has certainly grown on me, but it isn’t what I had pictured in my mind.  Luckily the dress turned out well and I really do like it.  I am looking forward to wearing my lemon-drop dress as mother of the bride.

Somehow the silk dupioni gives the dress a modern feel.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been working on it intently, but I no longer see the vintage origins of the pattern.  It’s a good pattern though and I have another dress planned.  That one will be a lightweight cotton with a full skirt instead of the straight.  I think I will eliminate the surplice look and go with a plain front.  The floral I have chosen is large and fewer seams will be better.  It will be light and airy and perfect for spring.

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One Response to Lemon Drop Dress

  1. The dress is fabulous! I love silk…

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