Barred Chain Stitch

My latest sample from the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge:

Barred chain stitch with a bit of running stitch

thistleIt’s always nice to learn something new.  This stitch is that for me.  I have stitched both chain stitch and twisted chain, but had never put them together before.  The barred chain stitch alternates a chain with a twisted chain.  On this sample, you can see that each twisted chain has a long extension on it to make the thorns on the leaves.

Continuing in my work with sheers, I’ve used organza and chiffon to color the flower and leaves.  It’s not at all obvious, but there is a pale pink on the flower.  White tulle as the top layer to holds it all together without fusing or raveling of edges.

My inspiration was a thistle plant in a neighbor’s yard.  I had seen it often on my walks and had been meaning to stop and sketch it, but never did.  Luckily this challenge came before it was finished the bloom cycle–or before the neighbors had cut their grass.

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10 Responses to Barred Chain Stitch

  1. Dianne Cahill says:

    Lovely inspiration. You did well with this stitch. I found it quite a challenge. Dianne

  2. I love your sketch, too – very free and impressionistic!

  3. It looks very nice in a thistle!

  4. Beautiful. Nice design and perfect colour.

  5. very up-setting, like it

  6. jojo says:

    sublime j aime trop bisesssssssssssssssssssssss

  7. Maryvonne says:

    I never cease to wonder where you get your ideas from. I am told to try a stitch, I do, but that’s it. Will probably do a line, sometimes a circle, but that’s about all. So, I really admire those of you out there who seem to be able to turn a new stitch into something fabulous. Bravo

  8. jenclair says:

    Beautiful! Such a creative way to use the stitch!

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