Wedding Dress Part IV

I have fallen in love!  Alison’s wedding dress has stolen my heart.

It’s not unusual for my doll creations to make me fall in love…at least until I’ve stitched up a new creation to take it’s place.  Clothing doesn’t usually make my heart flutter, but with all the hand stitching involved in the dress, I’ve had plenty of time to fall under the sway of this lace confection.

The photos don’t show off the beautiful color of the satin under-dress.  It is called Champagne and has a soft pink undertone.

Unfortunately, the dress form is too big, so the dress doesn’t zip up in the back.  It has been wonderful to have it though.  It would have been very difficult to arrange the lace motifs on the bodice without it.  I am done now until Alison comes home for the fitting the week of the wedding.  After the final fitting, there are only minor details to take care of like tacking the lining in place and attaching the waist stay.

This is what it looked like just last week.

And this is the finished bodice.

The back:

The finished back:

I can hardly wait for Alison to try on her dress.  I’m sure I’ll be the typical mother and get all teary eyed.  She will be a beautiful bride even before she puts on her dress!

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2 Responses to Wedding Dress Part IV

  1. My daughter got married last October and while I didn’t make the dress, I did do extensive alterations and made her veil. A dress form would have been handy! I didn’t tear up until the actual wedding day.

    Heather M.

    • I’m looking into getting a dress form for me. The ones I’ve seen don’t have a very sturdy stand and that is one of the most annoying things about Martha’s which I borrowed. Her stand doesn’t tighten well and wobbles.

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