Couching Stitch

This week’s stitch for Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge by pintangle is the couching stitch.  Since I am building up some samples for my sketch book on the Elemental Layers show, I decided to take a look outside to find some inspiration for this embroidery.  The weathered boards on our pond bridge has some interesting lines which ought to work well with couching.

I imagined the laid threads as the cracks in the board and the couching as the wood grain lines.

I like the sketch, but will it translate into stitch they way I’m imagining?

The colors in the photo are not quite right.  Even without the flash, the colors are kind of washed out looking.  This is a purple silk base with Sari silk yarn couched in both green pearl cotton and royal blue Poly sheen sewing thread.  It looks best from a few feet away.  Up close, the wood grain pattern is lost.  Overall, I do like the effect.  I need to try it in larger scale next.

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7 Responses to Couching Stitch

  1. Rachel says:

    I can certainly see the woodgrain appearance – it’s a very effect piece

  2. libbyQ says:

    yes, a very creative idea and i enjoyed it so much i’ve linked to you as an example of couching on my blog.


  3. Julie says:

    I like it! And you show good use of studio journal, too. Are you taking the class with Sharon right now?

    • No classes. I have several books on sketch books for embroiderers and they have been inspiring. I have always admired the sketch books of others, but need a lot of prodding to work in my own. I didn’t know about her class. I’ll have to check into it.

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