Wedding Dress Part I

At last I have made some real progress with Alison’s wedding dress.  It’s going slowly.  I’m taking my time to get everything perfect.  Or at least close to that ideal.

Neither Alison or Martha, my artist daughters, would draw up a sketch, so I finally made one.  Sketching is not my strongest skill, but here is what the dress will kind of look like when I am done.

Draping and drafting the pattern was joint effort by Martha and me.  It took several tries to get a bodice that fit smoothly with no gaping.   Lots of work, but worth it in the end.  The mock-up is made from a Hodge-podge of fabrics that I happened to have on hand.  That extra seam on the center blue panel isn’t part of the pattern.  It is just that the blue fabric was lacking a few of inches and I had to make-do.

Martha’s dress form has seen a lot of use and abuse in her studio.  It’s also a little bit too big for this project, however, it has proven to be very helpful. Thank you, Martha for letting me borrow it!

I posted pictures of the lace back in November in “IQF part 2.”  It has a wide border on one edge that will go at the bottom and a narrow border on the other that will do nicely for the neckline.  There will be lots of extra flower motifs after I’ve cut out the dress pieces.  Those will be added to fill in on the bodice.

Just playing around to see what it may look like.

The bodice has three layers:  underlining, satin, lace.   The underlining not only gives extra shape and body, it is useful for taking the construction elements like the catch stitches holding the seams open on the princess seams.

The stitches don’t really show much in the photo, but they are a couture technique to help make the seam smooth.

The satin skirt is sewn and awaiting the lace skirt.  That is what I am now piecing together.  Although stitching the lace netting is rather tricky, the really finicky part will be adjusting the wide straight border to fit the sweeping curve at the hemline.  So far it’s working out pretty well.  I’ll post photo’s on that in a couple of days when it comes together.

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2 Responses to Wedding Dress Part I

  1. ladyfleur says:

    Ooh, nice!. I love the lines of the dress and the lace pattern on the bustline. They will definitely flatter Alison’s curves.

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