Dolls on Display

I spent the morning helping to put up a fiber art show.  It was rather tiring, but the end product was worth the effort.  The show, which is called “Ten Years in the Swamp,” is located at the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center in Baton Rouge.  This year is a retrospective of the past years’ shows.  All fiber artists were invited to participate with 3 pieces from previous shows and one new piece.  These are my older pieces:

On top is Madame Moth from Midnight at the Swamp, 2008.  Next is Leap Frog from The Swamp in Photos, 2009.  Last is Cool at the Pool from Faces of the Swamp, 2003.  There were only 3 shelves today although Michael Young (who is in charge of the show) has another.  My new entry will sit on a shelf below Cool when it arrives.

These are the Crawfish Faeries that I posted about back in September.  They traveled to Houston for the International Quilt Festival in November and made it back home again in time for the Swamp Show.  I do try to plan ahead!  The Faerie Towers are needle felted wool and embellished with beads and pearl cotton embroidery.

Madame Moth also has needle-felting on her wings.

Leap Frog is part of my Wild Things in the Swamp Series.  I had 3 in the show that year, all resting on logs.  I’ve done two other series:  Wild Things in the Garden and Wild things in the Zoo.  I even have a pattern for sale on my website.

When my son was in high school, he and his buddies were lifeguards at the neighborhood pool.  One lucky shopping expedition, I found this frogish fabric and couldn’t resist portraying Matthew in his work position.  Matthew returned the favor by crafting the guard’s chair.  Isn’t he clever?

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