Christmas Surprises

My husband is so clever.  Sitting near my computer is a small Gumby and Pokey set.  (A gift from Martha a couple of Christmases ago, it is a joking reference to a yoga nickname.)  Gumby and Pokey love to play and romp while I toil away at the computer each day.  Imagine my surprise to find Gumby pretending to be Santa.

Apparently I had eaten some chocolate at the computer and not cleaned up after myself.  From the candy wrappers, Burton fashioned a Santa suit for Gumby and left it for me to find.  His version of guerrilla art.

My sister Patty is rather clever as well.  Our grand-niece, Caroline, wanted a “Grandma Barbie” for Christmas and Patty did a Fashion Doll Makeover for her.

Patty took an doll from her daughter’s collection and dyed her hair with not one, but two colors of Rub N Buff.  She really wanted an authentic look for Grandma.  Patty shortened the braid and twirled it into a bun for a grandma hairstyle.  A thin film of the gray color on her face aged her bit more.  Her costume needed only a little fine-tuning to make it grandma-ish.  And for the finishing accessory, glasses made by Patty’s husband, David.  Caroline was thrilled with the results.

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