Art Fashion Show

My youngest child graduated from LSU yesterday!  Does this make me officially an empty nester?  She’s already been living away from home for a while, so our home has been empty.  I guess this means I can finally clean out her closet and take possession of her room.  I’ve been needing more space for my art.

Martha earned two degrees:  BFA in sculpture and BS in fashion design.  The highlight of the day was her senior art show which held a closing reception last night.  I don’t think the art gallery has had live models before, so Martha’s work really stood out in a good way.  She was truly the crowd favorite, although to be honest, the crowd was thick with family and friends.  Our family is large and because her cousin also graduated yesterday, nearly all were in town for the ceremonies.  As a modest mother, I can say it was a total success.

Martha created these three art fashions by layering 3 colors of silk organza in different ways.  I love the way she uses color to make her statement.  She had a pink, slate, and green organza.  Each piece also had a different color underlining which affected the color accordingly.  I was amazed at the differences she could create with only the 3 organzas.  Martha’s outfit was her winning design from last spring’s Miami Fashion Week.  She won first place and the title of International Student of the Year 2011!

Martha even made the bracelet on her wrist.  She managed to squeeze in a metal-working jewelry class this semester.




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  1. awesome Martha wowed LSU .

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