Santa’s Workshop III- felt flowers

Two more gifts finished!

I’ve used the hand-dyed, hand-made felt scraps purchased at the Quilt Festival in November to create felt flower headbands.  This felt is so thick and lofty.  It was wonderful to stitch on.  Pearl cotton in both solid colors and variegated accent the richness of the beautiful wools.

These flowers were not my first attempt with this wool.  Those were quickly vetoed by Venus, my cat.  I had made rolled roses with strips of the felt.  They must have been too ball shaped, because when I returned to my worktable, alas, Venus had been there.  Rose #1 was missing.  She has always loved unattached doll heads and plays kitty soccer with them.  We were forever finding them under furniture where they had gone “out of bounds” for her.  Since she also has a passion for most wools, Venus obviously couldn’t resist my flowers.  The next day, despite my having pinned the remaining rose to a pincushion, it too was missing.  Searches all over the house with flashlight and yardstick for sweeping under low furniture have proven unsuccessful.  Venus says the flat flowers are no fun at all.  They don’t roll!

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4 Responses to Santa’s Workshop III- felt flowers

  1. Veronica Abad says:

    Hi Lucy, I am brazilian and just knew your blog and loved at first sight !

  2. crazypatch says:

    Gorgeous…. Your blog is very nice to visit

  3. DAIANA PUJOL says:

    HELLO my name is Daiana like to publicize your crafts on my blog with your link reference , I found the lovely hair ornament .

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