Santa’s Workshop part II

One of the toys in my therapy bag at work that I love is a small sack of crayon rocks.  The rocks are sized perfectly to elicit a good pinch/grasp to develop little finger muscles.  And they come in a little cloth drawstring bag.  My students all love them too.  What child wouldn’t want their own?

I decided to try out a process to make some colorful treasure rocks for my grand nieces.  It’s pretty simple.  The hardest part is peeling the paper off of the broken crayons.  A while back, I had bought a bag of crayons for cheep at a garage sale.

Sorting them out was fun.  Notice the scarcity of blues?  I seem to recall Martha using this color for an art project.

I’ve broken the chosen colors and piled them into the mold.  For these, I used an extra mini muffin pan.

On the top row, I’ve got a black and white stripe combo—that’s a zebra.  The orange and black one is a tiger.

Next they go in the oven at 200 for around 8-10 minutes.  I had to keep a close watch to make sure they didn’t go too long.  If they get too hot, the wax separates from the pigment and floats on top leaving a messed up layer.  If they don’t heat enough, the fusion isn’t complete and they may break apart.

The zebra has become a cow!  But the tiger is still tigerish.

I had to rearrange the crayons into “jungle animals” and “farm animals.  I’ll get a couple of drawing pads for Maggie and Caroline to draw on and they will be ready to wrap.

Recognize the drawstring bag fabric?  It’s scraps from Kiki’s and Maisie’s dresses.

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