Fairy Wonderland

Burton and I are back home again after our trip to Washington DC to visit Alison and her fiance, Ryan.  We had a wonderful time spending Thanksgiving with them and seeing many monuments and museums.  Alison and I shopped at G  Street Fabric for wedding dress things; more on that later.  Today’s post will be about the fabulous fairy land we found quite by accident on the last morning before we hustled to the airport.  It was beginning to drizzle, but we decided to stop in at the conservatory of the US Botanic Garden which was right near our hotel and the Supreme Court building that we had just toured.  What a lucky break!  Their “Season’s Greenings” exhibit was on display and it was amazing!

In addition to the Fantasy Land train-scape, monuments from DC were depicted too.

Our nation’s capitol building

The National Cathedral

These miniatures were created by Applied Imagination of Alexandria, Kentucky.  The detail on them was incredible.  All the materials used except a wooden under-structure and resin for the window panes is natural materials.  I’m quite inspired now.  But maybe I’ll make a gingerbread house instead.  We also visited Mount Vernon on this trip.  The chef there has created the plantation in gingerbread.  It is glorious.

Notice the chocolate trees, coconut grass and marzipan animals.

The good thing about a gingerbread house is that I won’t have to store it till next year.  Plus, we get to eat it!

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