Santa’s Workshop is on

It’s a good thing that the youngest kiddies on my Christmas list can’t read ’cause I’m about to give away some secrets.  To start, I decided to cut up our old fireplace screen to make a set of nesting dolls for the very youngest of my sister’s grandchildren, Anne.  Naturally, I forgot to take a “before” picture, so what I have is kind of like a puzzle.  I’ve put all the pieces back together to recreate the screen.  The border is still missing because it was cut and already sewn together for the linings when I realized my faux pas.

I made this years ago, designed from the lotuses in our backyard pond.  Not only does it no longer match the living room, but I’m tired of it.  It’s been hanging around unused for at least 4 years.  It was past time for the screen to have a new life.

Here are those babies, all cut out.  The linings are off to the right and barely in the picture.

Martha came home last night for a visit, so I asked her to paint some faces.  She had a great time with the task and they turned out adorable.  Thanks, Martha!

Since all the work of decorating the dolls had already been done, it was a quick job to put the dolls together.

These are the backs.

I think Anne will like playing with them.  They go in and out and can be nested inside each other.  And since they are all open on the bottom, they can be used like puppets. (They have always reminded me of oven mitts!)  All in all, a great toy for a child.

This set of teacup dolls was another rescue mission.  The applique used to be part of a vest. The blue lace under the teakettle is a small piece of crochet from my Grandmother, just a random snippet left over in her sewing box.

I have nesting doll patterns for sale on my website.  Check them out!


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3 Responses to Santa’s Workshop is on

  1. Beth says:

    Now thats a very clever idea! They look marvellous! Bethx

  2. ladyfleur says:

    They are very cute. I like the way you repurposed the fireplace screen into a new life. I like the way the lotus flowers were cropped in particular. Looks totally different.

    • Thanks Janet. I had cut a negative space pattern which is a paper with a hole that is the pattern shape. I used that as a view hole to plot out where would be the best places to cut each doll.

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