White Light Nights

Last night the Mid City Merchants Association hosted their fall open house.   I was honored to be able to take part as an artist this year.  Agame Yoga on South Acadian Thruway was a beautiful spot to showcase my art.  I had a recessed nook lined with mirrors for my display area.

Set up was really easy.  I used small suction cups with little hooks.  They stuck great to the mirror and were easy to arrange and change positions of the dolls as needed.  All of the wall dolls have rings on the back for hanging.

The columns on the right and left were apparently made of concrete under a thin layer of paint.  I bent several pins trying to hammer them in before giving up.  I ended up hanging fabric from the overhead molding to pin my paper dolls to.  There are more paper dolls on the counter in front.

Unfortunately, the mirrors weren’t a clean background visually.  All the reflections made it difficult to see.  I had a spot close to the door that everyone had to walk by to go in, so that part was good.   I even made a few sales!

My contribution to the event:  pumpkin hummus.  Yum!  It was all gone by the end of the evening.  Those HUGE berries and grapes were delicious, too.

Belly dancers were on hand to entertain.

Outside entertainment included a fire dancer.

It was a cool night with a clear sky and no sign of rain, perfect for the evening.

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