IQF part 2

Now that I am back at home after the Houston Quilt Festival, I can’t wait to get started playing with my new goodies.  I’ve already opened my two new books to study the great illustrations on each page.  They are actually children’s books with fabric art illustrations.

I’ve seen Salley Mavor’s work before and have loved her work.  Martha still has the King and Queen that I made from Salley’s pattern so many years ago.  Her embroidered felt dioramas are simply amazing.  When I saw this book in the “Overlooked Books” booth, I knew I had to have it.  Plus all books were 25% off; who could resist.  Looking further, I found another “have to have” book, “African Tales, a barefoot collection.”  It has illustrations of fabric applique in a folk art style that I love.  Someday, maybe I’ll illustrate my own book.

The quilt festival shopping experience wouldn’t be complete without fabric purchases and I did find some treasures.  I happen to love the small grab bags of scraps that can be had for cheap.  For me, a little bit goes a long way.

Hand woven scraps from a weaver in New Mexico.  I’ve used some like these from last year’s haul to make Faerie Towers. 

Over-dyed kimono silks from Laura Murrey.  I’ve bought some of these for the past four years.  They are fabulous to use.  The drape and feel are beautiful and the colors are gorgeous.  I’ve used them on dolls and small bags.

Silk brocades.  These will be great for crazy quilts or collaging, maybe a journal cover.

From the left; hand dyed, hand felted wool scraps; pearl cotton in black and 3 variegated colors; bargain bin yarns that will needle felt well; brown micron pen (mine is dried out); “thrums” which are the yarn ends left over when weaving is cut off the loom; and last on the right is a skein of sari silk ribbon.  I have special plans for the wool felt, but since it will be Christmas gifts, I’m not saying.  I also bought a variety of goodies for my mom for Christmas.  She and her friends attended the festival for many years, but have not been lately.  Shhh, I’m not telling just what her goody bag will be.

After the festival, as if I hadn’t had enough of fabric, I went to High Fashion Fabrics  in downtown Houston.  I was looking for bridal fabrics for Alison’s dress.  The pointe d’esprit that I found there was disappointing.  This has been difficult to find.  We may end up with a plain netting, if we can find one soft enough.  Looking through the many shelves of lace bolts, I was rewarded with the exact lace that we had seen online.  Success!  This was one that Alison wanted!  Ordering such an expensive fabric without seeing and touching it first would have been scary, so I was greatly relieved to be able to find it and bring it home with me.

The selection of laces in Baton Rouge was practically nonexistent.  This one will be perfect!

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2 Responses to IQF part 2

  1. Alison says:

    thanks for posting the pictures of the lace — can’t wait to see it in person! also, those are pretty thrums, especially the blues and greens. what a great word, by the way.

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